Sunday, September 16, 2012

Typical 3 W LED bulb Construction

LED 3 Watts Light bulb
This is a typical more les standard LED light bulb configuration from YuanShuai ShenZhen,
6 pieces 7025 LEDs mounted on an Aluminum substrate screwed onto the aluminum heat sink for hest dissipation, a simple Switching board that converted 220V AC into 3.75 V DV to drive the 7 LEDs.
A Light reflector screw in on to the heat sink,
This is pretty standard set-up for making the LED, and we know that we can actually buy the parts to make our own assembly.
How is the price, well you may not believe it, we bought it in a Recent Shenzhen LED Show with just RMB3.00. that is about HKD$3.6 or USD$0.5!!
I am sure this is juts a promotional price for this Chinese LED supplier. But that is the trend of the LED ASL going down to USD$5 for a 3W LED light blub.
That is the price for norm for a good reliable material, and reliable driving circuitry for a 3W LED package.
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Anonymous said...

Actually, this is not how LED Bulbs look like today. They used to be made of cheap aluminum but since the LED chips increased their efficiency, now most of the LED bulbs are made of plastic and look like this.

I hope it helps!