Thursday, October 31, 2013

LED street Lighting in Manila, an Indication of the Adoption Rate of Street Lighting

This is a LED street lamp in Alabang, MoLito area, the whole area has been installed this LED street lamp.
It consists of K2 device on top as for main illumination, the four light post is designed as decoration light as it light up with running downward look light rain drops at night, It would be an Excellent Christmas light.

As what the LED people says, the penetration of Street lamp is 3%. Most of the installation is in advance country like Japan, Germany, Certain City of US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, France and  China's LED City like Wei Feng in Shan Dong.

However in city of Philippines, we can see a lot of LED lighting too, so the Government incentive may play a key role to push for more adoption of LED as City' s Lighting., and I am sure they will enjoy the cost effectiveness using LED over the years.

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Devide Luis said...

LED light is helping us to reducing the increasing tendency of global warming. Thanks for your sharing about LED driver