Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top Ten LED Companies in the World

The Oscar LED award is Shenzhen 2011 Annual LED seminar on 9-10 Dec. after 2 months of score evaluation by Internet voting on the best LED National Companies go to: ASMPT, Philips Lumileds, OSRAM opto semiconductors, CREE, Nichia, Seoul Semiconductor, Epistar, EVERLIGHT, Intematix and OPTILED.

1st Best Company
ASM Pacific Technology was established in 1975, headquarters in Holland, world Largest semiconductor and LED assembly equipment supplier. ASM went public in HK on 1989, with an set-up of the major manufacturing site in Sha Tau Jiao China Which have a leverage of abundant supply of skillful workers, close to HK border. Evaluation Body rates ASMPT as the most monopolized brand with installation covers most of the area in China, Highest market share, though has been replaced by China brand in certain low end product. ASMPT would continue to be most important LED position in the coming years.

2nd Best Company

Philips Lumileds is World leading Hi Power LED manufacturer and leader in Hi Power LED. A pioneer in the interior and exterior illumination LED. Solid state lighting supplier with the launch of patented LUXEON, which has advantage to have life time of 50,000 hours.

Lumileds had the world most brightest and longest life time. Evaluation team rates Lumileds a company that has Quality of the highest standard. 

No wonder your Audi R8, A6 head lamp are built by Lumileds, using ASM Highly sophisticated eutectic bonder custom made for them back in 2007.

3rd Best Company
Osram Opto Semiconductor, is under Siemens Germany for manufacturing LED.; They have 5,000 products, one of the World Largest Supplier company in the World, Osram is having a very critical position in the Illumination market. 

There are 140 counties is having Sales and distribution office. Evaluation body rates Osram a low profile German Company. German is usually responsibility in handling the quality issues, never Say yes to inferior Products.

4th Best Company
Cree covers their Business from LED wafer, or sorted wafer for consistent quality. A World Leader in SiC Carbide  Chip and LED final Assembly, Headquarters is Durham NC USA, factory location in Hui Zhou, and R & D Centre will be in Hui Zhou, Penang, ShenZhen and HK China, near the customers.

LED Factory at Hui Zhou is world Largest of Cree, it takes up 40% or more on the assembly . Cree can make use of it building up other Companies and Sells the Chip locally to China.

5th Best Company
Nichia was located in in Fukushima, Japan, it started selling Florescent material for CRT Tubes OF TV set. It shows announced that they have invented the Blue LED in 1993 then Ultraviolet LED, Yellow Phosphor. Nakamura San who would get a nobel prize.

The Evaluation team rates Nichia the most Killing Brand in White LED, 2011 total number of LED is world No.1. Their LED has the good quality and customer reputation, and their Patent will help to create high revenue for Nichai over these years.

6th Best Company
Seoul semiconductor is world renowned brand for LED, established in Seoul in 1987. HQs is in Seoul, main product line is Acriche, AC LED; HB LED , Side LED, Piranha, They started a China New factory in Tianjian  for China and SEA market.

Evaluation team describes Seoul Semiconductor as fast solution and reaction into their competitive market.

7th Best Company
Epistar, established in 1995 Taiwan, soon became Taiwan NO. 1 largest LED wafer maker. Epistar fully devotes themselves in LED wafer manufacturing, They have their own MOCVDs.

Evaluation team rates Epistar the toughest complaints international big shots on LED Wafer manufacturers., We could find numerous people are using Epistar LED on their lines in their future is bright and could not be underestimated.

8th Best Company
Everlight, established in Taipei Tu Cheng in 1983., I was the engineer came to Tu Cheng to install the the first two LED die bonders in 1988.

Robert Yeh is the Heisman to bring up this once a very small company, gradually over the years working with the most prominent LED suppliers to build their strength in both technology, high scale of manufacturability developed their factory in China Started in PanYu, Fa Shan, Yuen Li (Taiwan), Lian Su Zhou, GuangZou Today like the Taiwan Largest LED assembly company.

Recently Robert Yeh Expanded his business to include the wafer fab. So that they are horizontal integration to gain the control of not just price, but also supply volume on LED Wafer.

Evaluation Team rates Everlight Most Powerful Brand of World No. 1 LED Assembly Company They have their own brand name, own product like Dolphin, BLU.

9th Best Company
Intematix holds more then 250 patents, come with new, innovations on Yellow Phosphor powder, leading the world in technology of Phosphor application. With HQs in California with factory in Shenzhen SO Zhou lighting company, Intematix Taiwan.

Report released by China LED researcher GLII 2011’ Yellow Phosphor Competiveness rated as No. 1.
Evaluation team rates Inetmatix the fastest moving up company for Phosphor Powder manufacturing and occupying No. 1 in China for Yellow Phosphor Market.

10th Best Company
Found in US in 2000, HQs is in Hong Kong, a solution provider for international clients on Lighting solution, Support end user to make smallest investment with Maximum Return.
Evaluation team rates OPTILED the most innovative brand, focus on LED application with the latest technology. Covering all countries in the World.


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