Sunday, September 6, 2009

One Stop Solution for LED Manufacturing

Only one company in the World can provide us one stop solution for LED manufacturing equipment.

As they supply bare die sorting machine, Die bonder of various process types such as Epoxy, Direct Eutectic, Flip Chip TS process for various LED chip attach,
Gold ball wire bonder for horizontal and vertical LED devices.

The latest iHawkxtreme is of the fastest wire bonder for LED. It was well recognized as the standard wire bonder for high throughput LED manufacturing environment.

Down the process they have solution on phosphor jetting, Testing and sorting solution for LED of different package TopLED, SideView, Ceramic base HBLED, with various process requirement of say Bowl feeder input, LED on wafer form, output with Tape and Reel or to be sorted on Mylar on film frame for sake of traceability required by Automobile and General illumination industry.

There is certain advance if we use one stop solution. There is minimum tools investment as all equipment can utilize the same tooling such as magazines and carrier. Minimum, investment for spare part as all machines are using the similar modules of control and Motion drivers!

An unique operational pattern as the machine are using same human interface for operation.

Simplify is the key for a streamed line process of Today Hi volume LED manufacturing by going through one supplier, consideration on administration, Single supplier training programme, spare part management, process uniqueness, On line Production System management.

This Company was found in 1975. It is ASM!

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