Friday, April 2, 2010

ASM LED Die Bonder AD830

The AD809 fully automatic die-bonder series was one of ASM's main products in serving the semiconductor manufacturing industry during the 80s. It was the first generation of die-bonder developed by ASM. It made its first appearance in the die-bonder market at the end of 80s for world largest IC subcontractor and gradually gained the market acceptance elsewhere in Japan, Taiwan and Sea East Asia.
With the vision of ASM top management led by ex CEO Patrick Lam who brought ASM into another fast growth era 1990… ASM introduced the world for the high throughput solution for LED market. The AD829 in 1996, followed by AD829A advanced versions in 2000. and AD8930 series in 2002, and AD830 in 2005...
With the advantage of having all kinds of packaging exposure, various sorts of LED products, ASM has equipped with all the features and process know-how onto this Current production of LED Epoxy High speed die bonder AD830, which is dominating the whole LED market.
All the major LED makers are using AD830 as their major runner for their LED product, the advantage if AD830 is fast, reliable, accurate with die placement accuracy of +/-1 mil and +/-3 degree, Cycle time for Small chip like 10mil x 10mil is 180 ms. An equivalent UPH of 18,000. It is equipped with Post bond inspection system that monitors the bonded unit at pre-set placement range…at a selected inspection scheme.
AD830 epoxy die bonder is driven by ASM proprietary technology of Linear motor, an US patent fully decoupled Bond head XY module, an Ultra Light Bond Arm that can run a speed of 10G… Driven by latest Module of Motion Control, Synchronized motion of Bond head and ejector system ensuring least minimum impact on the 3 mil thin chips.
In the LED market, there are a lot of rival or competitors for AD830, but, all the hidden technology of AD830 is not able to be copied in days, ASM is a low profile operating company, but the customer is not astonished by the yield 99.95% and MTBA >1 hour, and low down time of AD830. As only a Low profile branding company could bring the best debut of good quality product like not others.
If you are LED manufactures, only you can use the best equipment for manufacturing the brightest LEDs, contact ASM to book you machine AD830 as soon as you can.
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