Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wei Feng, Shan Tung, the 2nd LED City in China

More and more LED City concepts driven by commercial decision as part of the promotion on creating more revenues by means of Selling LEDs, LEDs application and production. Government Subsidies and regulation (e.g. EISA 2007, EU regulations, Title 24 in California will be important in market Development).
Whereas in China. We are aware of his superfast economy and industrial development, as in less than 10 years time, China will be the World No. 1 in electronics consumer market, Automobile consumer, Oil consumption… and probably the World Richest Country.

China is doing all kind of promotions in the energy saving awareness; we have to go Green in the electrical home appliance, Reduction of emission by banning the use of incandescent lamp.
In China we can see a lot of LEDs, practically 100% Traffic lamps are lit up by Solid State LED, whereas almost “Zero LED” in Hong Kong… what a shame to the Government of Hong Kong!

There is the first LED City Tianjin, and by time I went to Wei Feng where it is about 300 Km from Qingdao of Shan Tung Province,… A lot of LEDs, I think this is not officially announced as the 2nd LED City in China… To me , this is in fact a LED city.

This is some of my snap shots taken by the Nokia N97 mini cameras…I the past few days when I was there for meeting the prominent manufacturers for LED bonding equipment promotions.

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