Thursday, July 21, 2011

Overused of LED as for Decorative Light

This is a ceiling lighting of a Large Department store in Tsuen Wan District,
They have been using over three thousand cold white K2 LED modules. Its is a new traction for the entrance of the store. It is gorgeous!
However, I am thinking are we going to wrong direction? The main purpose using LED is to cut off extra power consumption and reduce CO2 emission, but this kind of decorative light would easier eat up 3000W of Electricity… and that is a lot of light contamination it may product tons of CO2 to our world.. Well, I think the architect should also think of the right amount of LED lighting, or the intention of Power harvest of LED would become Power Wastage!

Simple way is to apply some Light guides which could then reduce the number of LED modules as much as 60% or more and retaining the same Lighting Effect! Besides, if they use RGB LED , there could be more fun as they can create a lot of gimmick such as mood lighting, light shows...
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