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Success of Samsung

Success of Samsung

I lose money because I once won some money...through gambling the winner and the loser...

This is a typical ancient Chinese idioms to tell people not to gamble, and what Chinese says, the reason of losing money because once they Have won some money.

Greed is interpreted as excessive desire to acquire or possess more than one need or deserves, buying mark six or gambling in Lisboa Hotel would likely clean off your saving only. Worst case is someone uses it's company asset to put it on the desk for a big risk challenge to try his luck.

The first time I bought Mark six was a surprise, I won one hundred dollars, over the next two years, I believed I had spent more than two thousand dollars in buying but the luck never came to me again.

So I decided not to buy again as I think the mark six is uncontrollable whereas my saving up the money is controllable.

Winner goes to those who can play safe and play smart...

September 15 2008 had a worldwide economy melt down triggered by the US house hold loan deficit by over borrowing and the sudden bankruptcy of Leman Brothers.

A lot of people might think that it would took three to five years to recover. However unexpectedly it took less than 10 months to fully recovered, Samsung grabbed the good timing to launch the LED TV as a gimmick to stimulate the consumer markets. Samsung earned a lot of market share, replaced Japan to become world number One in Hi End TV maker and as well a new worldwide recognition in Samsung’s branding.

One of the reason was good packaged product using LED as a means to have green energy for new young buyers, new technology to product thinner slimmer TV for Asian where space is a concern, time to replace TV staying home for less spending with a technology vision and clears steering direction from the CEO. Samsung had laid a rail for his hand phone locomotive to move forward even in a faster speed...

A strategy of good product marketing campaign one followed the other to capture world smart Phone. Samsung spends multi million dollars everyone just to promote his LED TV in Hong Kong one month.

Now they still capture the market of moribund Nokia, Apple and Sony to be the number one in worldwide smart phone market.

Successful factors of Samsung is: Good product, right timing, good promotion campaign and Good gimmick.

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