Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LED Logo at HKIA Rolex AD

LED on Advertisement

This is no ordinary LED Display, not that the LED is not stuck on the glasses, they were embedded into the glass with almost transparent connecting wires.

There are roughly three hundred White mid power LEDs with approximately 0.3W each. That is a 90W powder rating and if that is driven by a 5V supply, the current is 18A.

How could a hidden conductor inside a glass to do that? Well, I will take a close look into it...

What I am trying to say that there is a lot of applications for LED on Advertisement. And there will be thousand ways to display the techniology in front of you!

That is the HKIA Rolex AD boutique, the Asian largest with 500 Sq metres shop at the main departure concourse in HK International Airport.

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