Sunday, June 7, 2009

CCFL, RGB and White LED TV Back Light system

What is the major comparison between CCFL, RGB LED and White LED back light for LCD TV?

CCFL has certain mercury content and LED Back Light is mercury free.
LED back light has a wider colour Gamut than CCFL
CCFL has high Power Consumption and LED backlight has a higher Luminous Intensity.

It is true that RGB LED BLU offers a wider color gamut, but image quality becomes more likely to degrade if the color gamut is extended more than necessary. It will cause the display to render incorrect colours.
RGB LED back Light can have a Local dimming which enable to have extra Dynamic Contrast up to 2,000,000:1

White LED
White LED BLU benefits are more efficient in boosting image quality.
White balance fluctuates more easily for RGB LEDs
Cost lower than RGB LED BLU
Lower manufacturing costs
Simpler backlight control system
LED Back light can work with Impulsive Driving that enhance picture speed and movie will appear smoother. We can reduce spatiotemporal integration time by inserting a black frame between image frames.

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