Sunday, June 21, 2009

No One Can escape from the Miserable First Quarter?

According to iSupply Corp., no one is immune in the miserable condition of first quarters 2009 as a continuous dwon fall momentum of market need Q4 2008.
Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue in Q109 declined to $44.2B, 18.8% as comparing with $54.4B in Q408, and a decline of 33.8% from 66.8B in the Q108.

On positive side, Revenue will rise by 7.1%, 10.4% and 4.95 in Q2, Q3 and Q4 respectively.
Amongst the players. We see Osram, one of major suppliers for LED, is in the list; as probably due to change in exchange rate would be an notable impact on the revenue growth when converted to common dollar basis.

Robert Yeh, chairman of Everlight Electronics Inc, Taipei, June 15, 2009 (CENS), said at the Photronics Festival in Taiwan 2009, held June 10-12, that supply of LED chips is expected to fall behind demand until the second half of 2010, with prices to trend upward.

Yeh is optimistic about industrial prosperity in the second half of this year through next year, stressing that demand from notebook PC, TV and lighting sectors has infused strong growth momentum into the LED industry. Particularly, he added, increasing popularity of LED-backlit LCD TVs will serve as major growth drive this year.

I am confident that LED market will keep growing in the next three Quarters! More competitive device will be made in the market in larger scale, the Equipment supplier will have go into this hot market will fast pace or will be erased by their competitors.

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