Saturday, December 12, 2009

3M Mpro120 Pocket Projector

Since 3M uhced the First projector last year, this is the more practical one as an improved version launched in Hong Kong Recently.

new MPro 120 includes a built-in speaker, a brighter, stronger projection with 12 Lumens light intensity, and comes packaged with a number of helpful accessories to make it easier to find a purpose which the original model seemed to lack. It is selling at HKD3,380 as a chiristmas hoit item in the electronics shops.

While the first model could project an image 39 inches in diagonal at eleven lumens brightness, this new version can project an image 50 inches in diagonal. The light source is still an LED bulb, perfect for reducing heat, and the image is processed using an LCOS chip, delivering a resolution up to 1200 x 800 While the image is stronger, it’s not a major leap forward and you still have to eliminate any other light source in the room to see the image with any sharp clarity.
3M Recommends a viewing audience of about 1-5 people in a small room and that seems about right.

Key Specification:
2 hour battery life
VGA, Composite video output
20,000 hours Lamp Life!
Mpro110 MicroProjector
With lower budget concern, we can have Mpro110 MicroProjector which is selling at HKD$1,980.00 in Hong Kong.

Wth lower 7 Lumens light intensity, and 10,000 Hours of LED life time,

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