Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ASM Assembly Automation Ltd.; World No.1 SemiConductor Equipment Supplier

As 2009 draws to a close, some people will argue that it's been a tough year since 15th Sep 2008 when the Lehman Brothers melt down. Most IC business experts agree that things have changed forever. However, as I have said in the past, change is neither intrinsically good nor bad in all cases. It is almost always an opportunity and that is certainly true for the future of our industry!

ASM technologies are perfectly aligned to address the emphasis on 'Green-Technologies' adopted by all governments world-wide. From IC, Discrete components, LED, CMOS Image sensor assembly equipment to photovoltaics inspection machines. ASM offers innovative and effective solutions to the most challenging demand of the Electronics and Semiconductor customers.

From the powerful support of the factories in China, Singapore and Hong Kong, we have successfully captured most of the IC players, gained their trust on the Equipment performance and reliability. Outperform other strong European, Amercian Japanese Competitors in term of Output per dollar and Stability. Therefore, ASM continue to maintain the World No.1 Position as a Semiconductor Equipment supplier since 2002.

The share price of ASM hit a historical high at HKD$80.00 yesterday and that may be an indication of the fund managers who have good speculation on ASM‘s future success, and as an acknowledgement of ASM‘s strong backlog and future business vision in 2010.

Being a Hong Kong Citizen, and we should be proud to see such successful Company that can be stand up with good track record in the past 34 years. Whereby neither Working diligently with the hardworking engineers and flexible problem solving tradition of Typical HK way, without any financial nor support of any kinds from the Government of Hong Kong.

We are are looking forward to see this Company would have another big organic growth in 2010.

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