Monday, November 1, 2010

The Osram Black Series LED

This is a new LED with combintaion of good thermal management reliability and compact, perfect for adverse environments such as air planes, Trains an automobiles!
Osram launched a new black molded package of the high-power LED ensures high stability, balanced thermal coefficient of expansion of the molding material precisely matches the coefficient of expansion of the boards.
Features are:

- ESD protective diode is concealed in the molding.

- Even large fluctuations in temperature do not have an adverse effect on reliability or on the life of the LED (about 50,000 hours).

- Low thermal resistance of 6.5K/W, which again is due mainly to the metal lead frame.

- 90° beam angle and produces a typical brightness of 115lm at an operating current of 350mA
  and a color temperature of 6500K.
- By increasing the operating current to 1A, it achieves a brightness of 250lm.

- Black substrates that ensure the total darkness when the LED is at off state, thus to sure higher
   DCR Dynamic Contract Ratio.
- A cost effective LED

Note that This would be another new package after Oslon LX LED.


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