Sunday, March 13, 2011

MiLi Power Mini Projector is on Sale in Hong Kong Now

MiLi Power is powered by Hi Power LED as a hand Held projector for your private movable Cinema. It is Second generation product. It works with iPAD, IPod and Iphone, besides, there is a VGA and AV input terminal. Can be connected with your Note book, DVD player.
Wide range adjustable Projection angle up to 90 degrees or even project up to your ceiling.

It can be project to a screen size of 70 Inches up to 10 Meters. Of course the light intensity will be inversely proportional to the distance you project. Resolution is 640X480, slightly lower than the picture quality of HD!

Optimized projected picture is 20”.
You can play for 2.5 hours continuously after a charging of 4 hour on the built in battery module.Audio Power output is 1 W

Since this is a LED Light Head, the life time of the Lighting module is 20,000 Hours.
It is on sales at HKD$3,380, available in JC Shop HK (Tel. 31022783)

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