Sunday, March 13, 2011

Toshiba CELL LED Regaza 3D 55X1000H launches a Superb Full LED Technology for LCD TV

The new Toshiba Eco Style LED TV Cell Regza Rocks the Market.
I am a fan for Toshiba as they are used to be classified as second Tier technology on TV in the pas twenty year, but in fact Toshiba has a shocking Technology that they are trying to create 2nd wave for Japanese Invasion into this LED TV Market.

Regza LED Screen have amazing 3,072 LED Back light unit. It could reach a world class lighting intensity of 1,000cd/ms.

They panelize the screen into 512 sections with installation of 6 LEDs in each region.
Each Region can be individual adjust for the required intensity. The DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) can reach a stunning level of 9,000,000.
3D Ultra Resolution technology and ClearScan 400 scanning method reducing flickers into un-observable level by human eyes for fast moving objects.
Powerful 40W Audio Output.. Metal Framing casing for the whole TV.
Whilst most of the people are trying to reduce the number of LED on each of the TV, Toshiba is moving against the stream with 3 thousands over LED for each of the screen.
High technology, slim, powerful Audio and Visual Performance from Toshiba TV. Seeing is believing; I think you had better consider this when you buy your next New technology TV…
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