Sunday, April 24, 2011

Citistore goes Green LED lighting

A new face to see customer, the recent renovated Citistore is enriched with touch of green on using of LED lighting.
The whole roof, lighting, side lights beam lights are all made of LED… in Luxeons K2 types. And roof lighting effect is much better than it was using CFLs. It changes colours continuously. Perfectly match the name of the Department store (Thousand Colours) in Chinese.
I do think most of the customers do not aware they have changing use of LED… only LED sensitive guy Like I…
But one things is that they have a few draw backs
Since the roof height is not that high, some of the sport light is appearing right on top of you head and the light is so much focused, you will be feelling disturbed and feeling uneasy. That is the interior design issue.. A proper LED application has to go with some reflector such as to dilute the light intensity…
Another aspect is that the main space is using cold white LED and some of the clothes boutique is using warm white and it seems obvious in the two areas. There is no transition between cold white to warm white., so you feel the lighting is not unique in the whole floor space.
Besides, I think their approach is right as they will save up a lot of electricity in the coming 5 years…that can be a payback for those Expensive LED lamps they used.
I speculate more and more new established building and ne renovated department store and restaurant will go for LED…in Hong Kong.

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