Thursday, April 21, 2011

LED Globe of Grand Lisboa Casino Macao

This is my 2nd time to visit Macao in the past 5 years, I fond that the Grand Lisboa hotel is so beautiful and Sure that billions of dollars was spent on this building.,
The new Grand Lisboa Hotel was connected with a foot bridge to the old Lisboa Hotel
Which Stanley Ho opened in 1971. The New Grand Lisboa was a design of International architects and interior designers leaded by Khuan Chew who also was the designer for Buri Al Arabs and Four Seasons hotel of Hong Kong.
The property is shaped like a giant lotus flower and opened in 2007 just before Chinese New Year; with 240 gaming tables, 480 slots, and six restaurants.
We could see this new Landmark of Macao with a breathtaking light show from the world’s largest integrated LED screen installed on the Grand Lisboa’s exterior, Ho has clearly upped the ante on his competitors. The LED globe consists of 1.2 millions LED. And 580,000 Swarovski Crystals, and 5,400 pieces of 24-Kt gold plated glasses.
The RGB LED flashed and becoming the local most favourite and glorious Light show from 1800 to next morning, The Lotus shaped like leaves acts as a Knife on top of the entrances would capture everyone including the gamblers entering into the Entrance…
There you can enter and can not come out with the money from the gambler table.. A traditional Fung Shui… On each of the major concourse, you can see water spring that would like to Wash you clean, no one should be able to come out with the money form the Casino. this is only my personal Observations…
As I do no gambles, that mean I am the only Winner in Lisboa casino…
HK Snob

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