Saturday, May 14, 2011

Semicon Singapore Show 2011

Held in Suntec City of Singapore 11-13 May, Singapore semicon show could be classified the 2nd largest show after Shanghai, Third my be Semicon West, If you throw a bowling ball along the concourse, bet that no one would be hit, especially the last day.
As usual, most of the major equipment suppliers are participating as to tell that they are still active, No surprise, no new product, as expected as Semicon equipment has been a bloodshed Warfield for the last decades; through A & M, 10 companies became three companies.., lesser players would invest going into this competitive business. Leaving the Biggest who can barely make a living by struggling for survival. The end users are the ultimate beneficiates as what they pay for would be having tons of technology and billions of mini transistors or Flip Flops embedded. Who knows that there have been waling through a very long semiconductor manufacturing process. And thousands of Process Control points!
From the major exhibitors, from what we see ASM has launched the Heavy Aluminum wire bonder, and the new generation AD838L which is designed for Ceramic substrates base LED die bonding, with Accuracy of +/-20 micron at CpK 1.67, carrier-less design, global 3 or 4 points substrate PRS backlight alignment to match with your ASM or other Silicone liquid lens molding systems at the down stream process. Besides, it has full protection for any damages in the 100mm (4 Inch) Wide Ceramic Substrate, a super tool for your precision die bonding. Twin Eagle twin head gold ball wire bonder with foot print of 1.3X, UPH of 1.8K with competitive price comparing with a Single headed wire bonder... Both Copper and gold ready.
I am expecting the semicon show will be down sizing in scale as most of the focus of the new Semicon manufacturing expansion will be in China. So people will put more investment on Shanghai Semicon Show.
Glad to meet friends from Russia and Philippines... in the shows, at least this is a annual gathering for those people woking in this inductry to share their experinence.  Seeing each other face to face is an environment somewhat the fb can not privide...
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