Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Will LED for BLU Market turn hot again in Q3 2011?

The TV market revenue has been eroded and the Major as LED BLU unit price keeps dropping. The global BLU market is estimated to record $17B in 2010, reached the peak with $19B in 2012. and then Decline thereafter, from these number, we can see that there is not much of a significant growth in 2011 which is what we are waiting for. The number of unit in BLU demand will carry on but the revenue is predicted to decrease after 2012 due to serious ASP drop.
TV BLU market is expected to record $10.7B and accounts for 64% of the overall market in 2010. The TV BLU market share is projected to increase up to 72% in 2014 along with the LCD TV demand increase. Accordingly, Monitor and Note PC BLU markets show signs of decreases in market share. Though the growth of the LCD TV is largest amongst all the products, still the growth is no outstanding at all.
There are signs of rebounce for TV-use TFT LCD panel price which had continuously declining. Upon aggregating TV sales results during Chinese Labor Day season, TV sales in China rose 6% Y/Y to 2.13M units. Although the growth rate was lower than the previous years, the growth itself has reached the anticipated level and is expected to see re-bounce of TV panel price.
TV sales price discount rate was around 15% during first two week of May which was lower than the previous year, and makers focused on promotion for Premium TVs such as 3D TV and Smart TV in order to increase profit margin. The share of 3D TV sales was over 10% and LED LCD TV sales were over 50%.
6 major Chinese TV brands prepared for the Labor Day demand through launching 3D TV at full scale from 1Q 2011, they increase new FPR 3D TV product from April 2011. 3D TV module procurement jumped from 0.5% at the end of 2010 to 8.7% in the last March. As what s had noticed that Sony’s Internet TV and Samsung’s Smart TV would be gaining market share in welcoming the hit wave of this premium TV. Signs for the next BLU Growth is still far away I do not feel comfortable abut Q3 2011 at all. Wish that the major countries would come up with more incentive offer for end user as to stimulate the use of LED lighting.
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