Saturday, June 16, 2012

HK International Airport Luggage Claim area goes LED

From What I saw the HKIA luggage claim area,  the ceiling lighting now all LED.

There are 13 luggage lane 21 and each lane has about 21 x4 tubes.

Each tube may contain 200 LED with 0.15 watts so the power rating of one tubes is 30Wattes.

21 groups x30 Watt X4 sets X13 luggage lanes equal to 32,760Watts

For those 1,092 tubes

32,760 watts x18 hours x 356 days = 209 Mwatts

1 watts is 1.1 HKD.  That is an equivalent of HKD$230,918.00 for electric fee a year.

If that is CCFL of 60Watts, that will be $430.918.00

The cost of the LED Tubes is about HKD$350, x 1092= $382,200

So it does need only two years to recover the cost of the LED tubes installation.
Do not forget the life time of the LED lighting is 40,000 hours. That saves a lot of cost for the replacement. If using CCFL tubes, its will have to replace the tubes almost every one here and there… as the life time of the CCFL tube is 12,000 hours only.

So in short, this is a good investment for using LED in Airport, and this save a lot of electricity, replacement cost, and tons of CO2 emission a year.

The above figure is purely my estimation as I can not go into detail to see the construction of the LED tubes a it was hanging 20 metres high!


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