Sunday, May 31, 2009

LED TV will be main Stream of TV?

The Q109 World TV shipment drop 6% comparing with last quarter Q308.
Revenue of Q109 World TV slashes 12%
LCD TV shipment comparing with last quarter rose 27% But the sales Revenues of LCD TV slash for the first time.

The major reason behind is the World Economy Tsunami causes the supplier to reduce the ASP in order to stimulant the consumers

Electronic Times analyses amongst all sizes of TV, 32” is the most popular model partly due the consumer spending limitation and the price drop is most significant for this size 32” TV drop 38% in price whereas 40/42 “only drops trivial 0.5%! Comparing with last Quarter.

Samsung has been sales No. 1 for Consecutive 13 Quarters. With amazing market share 22% and LGI is the 2nd runner up of market share of 13% which had surpassed Sony by 2%.

Sony, then Sharp and Panasonic will be the 3rd, 4th and 5th position.

From DisplayResearch, World shipment of Q1 was 4,330 Million sets.
Drop 25% as Q4 08.
Drop 6% as comparing with Q108. Total revenues are USD22.1B! Slash 12%.

LCD TV shipment 2,670 M sets that is 61.6% of the total TV sets produced.
This is the only one growth.

Another sign is that LED TV is becoming a real production unit, TV and papers ads can be found earlier for LED TV... it is no longer a prototype but is more or less a product hit!

It has various advantages such as power saving of 40%, Local dimming possible and huge contrast 200,000:1 can be made, topped with 200 Hz scanning method. Thanks fro the LCD and LED technology… A vivid movie can be seen at Home now.

LED TV is around HKD5,000 more expensive than CCFL or HCFL backlight LED TV with the same size 42”, later on Samsung may be able to bring down the price gap to less than 2,000 dollar with their production ramp up using our machine. (1 dollar one LED with a smaller difference such that by Quality/price ratio as a sales gadget) Samsung can eat up more market share eventually!

Will The LED backlight TV will be major trend, all we can see is LED has unique feature in the quality of the display, and is supported by EU and advance countries for no toxic material in it. The matter is Cost!

If someone who can drive it down to the cost of a normal CCFL TV with paying extra 10-20%, I think that it will be a success. And the demand will be huge for LED at that time. As So far only less than 1% TV is of LED backlight. The Market is Huge!

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