Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seoul Semi Low Profile SMD LED

Seoul Semiconductor (CEO: Lee Chung Hoon,, a world-leading LED manufacturer, announced on May 12 the launch of its 120lm/W high-efficiency and SMD type LED (Part No: LCW100Z1) for general purpose lighting.

The new patented product shows remarkable superiority in price as it raises brightness of the same chip by over two times by flowing more than double the current. As an ultra-thin LED with dimensions of 3.5mm x 2.8mm x 1.6mm, the LCW100Z1 is a high efficiency product that delivers up to 7.8lm (@0.06W) at the low current of 20mA and 14.3lm at the current of 40mA, and its viewing angle is 120 degrees.

Another strength of the LCW100Z1 is that its reliability is improved by adopting an optimized thermal design to maximize luminous efficiency needed for lighting. The new LCW100Z1 product comes in three ranges of correlated color temperature’s (CCT); including pure white, warm white and natural white. Samples of the LCW100Z1 were already received favorably by leading lighting appliance manufacturers around the world.

As it can immediately replace the existing Top View LED, the LCW100Z1 is expected to be widely adopted for tube-type fluorescent lamps and surface light source lamps. While the expansion of power LED market is retarded due to high price, the LCW100Z1 is also anticipated to serve as a catalyst for expanding the LED lighting market as it allows lighting manufacturers to produce a variety of applied lighting devices.

We believe that more and more similar package size 3mm x3mm range is going to launch into this illumination market. The price will make some difference for people to get an earlier train on Green Illumination. Not a question at all they are using the best LED bonder in the industry for the World Class manufacturing of such kind of LED.


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