Sunday, May 3, 2009

LoungeLight LED Candles

The LoungeLight LED Candles combine the fascination of candlelight with up-to-date LED technology. These LoungeLight Ball candles consist of a traditional, burnable candle with a computer chip and colour-programmable LED at its heart which gently fades from one rainbow colour to the next. With the simple click of a button, a particular colour can be maintained to complement your mood, develop a theme or enhance the surrounding decor.Each candle comes with an exclusive 100-150 hour 4.5 volt battery lasting 10x longer than the standard 9 Volt. While the LoungeLight LED colour-changing chip with on/off switch and colour-hold button also included with each candle, has an approximate life span of 100,000 hours.These candles provide a beautiful, atmospheric and entirely new way to illuminate your surroundings and enhance your mood. Each candle comes in a velvet box making it a perfect gift.

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