Sunday, December 5, 2010

Philips LED light bulbs Sales in Hong Kong

Philips masterLED has been in Market for year, juts until now, we can see they are on sales in Hong Kong. As I have been asking, only with limited stick for sales.

This is a good sign as we can see more and more people is eager to spend more for high quality LED lighting product.  Price is still high as compared with CFL. Most of the people knows what CFL is and I have observed that not too many people is aksing for LED Lighting fixture, as they are generally 5 times more expensive. This is the Display Philips LED lighting bulbs on sales in a Lighting Shop in Tsuen Wan.
All are made with Rebel LED,  manufactured with Highest Quality attention in Penang Malaysia.
I believe that production of Rebel will be expanded 1.5X in 2011 to meet the market demand.

HK Snob

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