Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sylvania Ultra A-Libe 12-Watts LED Bulb

When the compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) became popular 15 years ago, it was a welcome alternative to the toxic, energy-sucking incandescent bulb used around the world.

The light emitting diode (LED) bulbs were fast on the CFL's heels, and even though they're more durable and efficient, many people have avoided upgrading to LEDs because of the high price.

In late November, Lowes and Osram Sylvania announced plans to introduce what they say is the brightest LED replacement for America's most popular light bulb, the 60-watt incandescent (Intelligent Energy Portal).

The SYLVANIA Ultra A-Line 12-watt LED bulb provides 810 lumens of light while using only 20 percent of the energy required by its predecessor and lasts 25 times as long as a conventional bulb.

Best of all, the current price of the A-Line LED is around $20 - a small price to pay for a light bulb that will probably burn for 20 years without having to be replaced.
The new SLYVANIA bulb is already available on and will be available in all Lowe's stores by mid-2011.

According to, "Phillips is now selling a similar LED bulb for one penny less than Sylvania's bulb. Philips' bulb, called the Ambient LED, also uses 12 watts but gives off slightly less light than Sylvania's."


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