Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Philips LED Lighting

I had just bought Philips LED lighting lamp for replacing my last CFL on one side of living room.
It consists of three sets of LED modules, each LED modules should have three LEDs, looks like to be Luxeon Rebels. The power supply is mounted in the centre portion of the lighting fixture. That can effectively isolate from the heat energy of the LED. Thus to prolong the life time of the LED.
It is warm white and Bright enough for the room.
Price wise is about 6 times more expensive that the similar deign made of CLF. It was HKD$3,500.00 including installation. Well, It can reduce 360Kgs Co2 in 20 years of Operation.

Let me see how long this LED lamp can last, I am feeling alright as it save power evey time it is on.

HK Snob

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