Sunday, January 9, 2011

The HB LED Market Continues to Grow in 2011

From various input and Research including LED Inside, LED magazines, Digitimes, We can have more or less forecast base on the Supply Food Chain of MOCDV I Korea, Taiwan and China. The high-brightness LED chip market is projected to reach US$8.25 billion in 2010 and up to US$12.6 billion in 2011, That is a significant increase of 52%!
With the China government's generous incentives to develop the country's LED industry, Like for an example, to subsidize $1.25M on each MOCVD you purchase. MOCVD machine orders in China during the second half of 2010 exceeded those of South Korea and Taiwan already and will be continuously be the major installation in 2011. Similarly, the installation of Map sorter Machine which is necessary to be expanded in proportionally, an estimated of few thousands map sorters with cycle time of 100ms will be required in this area China, Taiwan and Korea.

Likewise, the Global sapphire ingot capacity in 2011 will nearly double that of 2010.

HBLED chip shipments will increase by a CAGR of 28.6% in 2009-2013, and LED lighting applications, in particular, will grow at a compounded 97.4% pace over the same period versus only 62.6% for LED-backlit LCD monitors. As what I had been mentioned a couple of months ago, The LED lighting and back light modules will become Hot Cakes in 2011.

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