Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LEDs in Philippines

Manila Night View

We have not seen much LEDs in Philippines and in fact we do not see many Street lights in Metro Manila too. The Reason may be due to the country’s economic that could support the installation of the enonmous amount of the street lamps.
People has not much concern on converting incandescent lamp into CFL to LED. In the hotel we stay I can hardly see any LED 50% are still using Incandescant lamps and 50% CFL.

In the Hotel that I Stay, the Christmas tree decorative LED is the only LED in the Hotel.

As for LED company, there is almost zero, there is a couple of Japanese OEMs for LED manufacturing in Philippines. So the potential is huge if you want to build LED factory here in Philippines.

The Beautiful Manila is in need more LED lightings!
HK Snob

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