Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forecast LED Episodes in 2011

Solid State Light LED will be the major topic and market driver in 2011.
2% of LED goes for LED lighting in 2011, approximately 20 % goes for Lighting in 2011.
HB LED revenue hits US$13B in 2011, $16B in 2012 and $19B in 2013.
Major LED markets
Japan will focus on LED lighting for local and for export.LED light bulb price continues to drop from Yen 2,800 in Dec 2010 to Yen 1,400 by end 2011.
China LED market CAGR 30%
50% are for Vertical LED in China
Penetration rate 20% for Lighting, 30% for LED Black light, and 40% for Decorative lighting.
US Continues to reduce the LED light bulb from US$38 in 2010 to US$14 in 2011.
Russia will double of the number of LED makers in 2011 than 2010.

Penetration rate goes to 40%
Reduction of number of LED from 250 pieces on 40” LV in 2010 to 100-140 for the same size TV in 2011.

Trend of TV
3D, HD, Smart TV, 240Hz LED back light as the Gadgets
 LED TV LED formate goes slim from 3528/3030 in 2009, 5050/5252 in 2010 to 5630/6020 in 2011 as the major LED packages.
 2010 top Ten LED Markers

1. Nichia

2. Samsung LED
3. Cree

4. LG Innotek

5. Epistar

6. Osram

7. Seoul Semi
8. Toyoda Kosea
9. Philips Lumileds
10. Toshiba

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