Saturday, February 12, 2011

Apple New Iphone5 and Mini

There are so many rumour about the new product from Apple.
After almost 4 years, Apple shall launch a high end Iphone5  and Iphone Mini in July 2011.

A new, sleeker body design, thin shiny glass back piece - 9.0 mm thick.

Face Recognition Security

Face Time (Video Chat) access on 3G AND 4G

Custom SMS tones

Custom E-mail alerts with ability to assign different tones to each email address

OLED Display to save more juice

Wireless sync with iTunes

32G and 64G of built in memory

14 hours talk time on 3G and 7 hours on 4G. Standby 500 hours.

Hi Definition audio.

Messaging indicator light.

True GPS built in.

Low Cost Iphone Mini
Apple hopes the low-cost device would help rival the success of Google Android, which as well as targeting the high-end smartphone market.
Mini will be around a two thirds of the size of the existing iPhone and does not feature a 'home' key. It is likely to cost around $199.00 in the US.

An "universal" SIM that allows users to switch between networks without having to remove on SIM and insert another.
16G memory
It is likely to be made available on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis rather than signing any contracts.
Exact Model name yet to released, no way to see the picture of the Phone design!
Let's wait for some one to lose the Prototype Iphone in a bar or restaurant!

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