Monday, February 7, 2011

Bulova Computron LED watch

This is a Bulova Computron Diver’s watch built in the early of 1977 I believe, original LED watch from USA. It is a wedge shape as to tell a better light up LED display under the Sun under Bulova Dura crystal. It comes with accurate Compuchron Quartz Mechanism which vibrates at 32,768 cycle per second.

I think this watch was made and assembled in USA by some Semiconductor assembly house for the main board. The challenge was the LED display that was made with precision and using tiny gold wire of 1 mil diameter. Connecting the Cathode of the LED onto the gold plated PCB board, I believe that was done semi automatically.

The Quality was so good that after 30 years, this watch still works perfectly, I think that there are not so many good working samples left behind nowadays, the battery cells are still available, when you push the button, it will display the time and one more time for Date. The case is heavily gold plated to the thickness of more than 20 microns. It Tells time very accurately. I am sure it was very expensive by time they were introduced in the market in the 80’s.
It works perfectly at night. This watch may not be good to ask for time many times day as it will drain the battery fast, it may use up the battery power in just two weeks if you press the Button 5-10 times day!

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