Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OPTILED Galaxy 500 LED Bulbs

Good news to see OPTILED LED replacement Light Bulb is available in as many shops as 73 shops of Fotomax.
OPTILED has been promoting the LED light bulbs for over three years and was only available in a few shops at that time. Retail price of Galaxy 500, A 9.5w LED power which is an equivalent of 60W incandescent light, selling at HKD$129 dollars. The Smaller 7W LED power Galaxy 350, equivalent to 40W incandescent light is selling at HKD$89.00. Price is good as they are using Cree LED chips, one of the best LED chip in the world.
Well, the LED bulb has been gaining a lot of popularity. Restaurants, public illumination of the Residential estate on top of MTR station, MTR Train, Bus, CitiStore, Cinema...etc.
Shopping centre is using enormous numbers of LED light bulbs in the commercial market.
A pity that the retarded Government is doing almost noting on LED adoption. Most likely those senior officials are too busy in removing their unauthorized renovation on their house before the next media attack. Next time when you incandescent lamp of CFL lamp is gone, buy LED light bulbs, as it save energy of 80% and at same time money for you.
The OPTILED Galaxy LED light bulb could last 35,000 hours, you may have to replace 35 incandescent light bulbs in 15 years of Galaxy LED operation life.

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