Sunday, June 19, 2011

Panasonic LED bulbs will hit RMB 5B sales by 2015

As March 11 Japan Earth Quake aftermath, Japanese had leant to go for greener energy and to be more conscious for Power saving Lighting devices such as LED lighting solution. Panasonic is Japan’s No. 1 LED lighting manufacturing Company, Though the market of Japan is big, but still not enough to feed this LED giant. The Road map for the market development is aiming to ship their LED lighting product to China,
Company target is to have 40% of their revenue coming from LED by 2015. and Overseas market will make up close to 40% of their products.
They would pursue for revenue of RMB 5b by year 2015, which is 5 times as comparing with 2009. They will set up their own 4800 selling points in various cities in China including this 2nd and third tier populated cities. Reversed engineering show that a 6.9 W 570 lm LED light bulb used 96 LEDs on a matrix layout on a ceramic substrates.
That is a standard way for Japanese LED light bulb using a lot of LEDs from 36 to 126 pieces. We will foresee that Panasonic will use up a lot of LED in the coming 4 years. They will use likely good Quality Japan LED for their packaging. Will not know if they will switch to other country supplier of LED by time when the price keeps on dropping for the finished LED light bulb. A 6.9W LED light bulb was selling at Yen 2,000 only latelty. We can see that the price is undergone a serious erosion, that is good for a massive penetration for the replacement of CFLs lighting in Japan and China.

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