Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home LED lighting will Come

The price of LED replacement Bulb is dropping more than I have expected.

This is a retail price reference as Hong Kong has a very responsive price reflection on the LEDs. With the rate of expansion in the LED production in China. The price would drop more than we expected of 10% to 20% per year.

Beginning of the year 2009, I bought a 3W K2 X3 LEDs replacement light bulb at HKD$196.00, after six months it was HKD$136.00. By end of the year 2009 it dropped to HKD100.00. Last week I went to buy one more again it was HKD88.00.

It is about 50% ASP drop a year, so by same time in 2011 it should be about HKD$30.00 a pieces, or USD$4.00. So I think that will be the time more people will be likely accept the price for LED replacement light bulb, and I think we will be able to have a lot of LED replacement in Supermarket, Electrical shop and everywhere… The price of $4.0 is 2 years earlier than I expected when I made the forecast beginning of 2009.

This will be a good news as we can see a huge demand of LED light bulb by 2011.

Let’s prepare to welcome the time of all LED SSL at home…in Hong Kong, so as the other large cities in the world.


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