Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sharp Aquos X-Gen Panel LED Back light LCD iDTV LX710 series

This is the latest LCD technology after the Aquos LCD TV has been launched in the market for ten years. Sharp has been quiet in the last year as they are concentrating in the launching of their Flag Ship 65” RGB direct back light LCD TV.
This is the new bomb from Sharp for pursue the new LCD market as to conquer the Korean. The advantage of this TV is:
Ultra LED that sparkles
Sharp's own Ultra Brilliant LED unit incorporates core technologies for a better degree of luminance and higher image quality. Take the Multi-fluorescents technology with newly developed red and green fluorescents for example, it increases light output and colour purity to produce lifelike images. Moreover, specially developed quad cuts for the inner lens improve light dispersion to achieve greater brightness. Also the Ultra bright LED back light unit cuts 50% power than the precious CCFL back light system.
ARSS six speaker audio system with two tweeters, two full ranges and two bass units mounted on bottom of the cabinet. DuoBass technology sets two back-to-back woofer units*3 to offset vibration, providing an enhanced bass performance while protecting delicate parts inside the TV. The leading edge Bass Enhancer reproduces the realistic deep bass sounds in low frequency, adding a new dimension for music or movie enjoyment.
Size available 40”, 46” 52” and 60”
Full array LED back light units
Digital Receiver built in
Contrast ratio: 2,000,000:1
Frame scanning frequency 100Hz/120 Hz
Price TBA


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