Friday, May 21, 2010

2010 3D TV

The Avatar must be one of the best movie in the year not just of its imagination, story might not be so important but the creativity on the beautiful, colourful scene, background and the stereophonic sound and audio had made you part of the story itself; the 3D movie had been proven one of the reason of the success. Thanks to the Electronics Giant Samsung that created the market success of LED TV Q2 2009, That had already made the worlds’ Eyes Open to see the reality of the LED TV picture quality that goes with the finer resolution of the pixel of the LCD. In Last year, I still think that the 3D TV has yet come to town, After I bought a Blue ray player and insert the Disc Avatar into the tray to play, connected into my 4 years old Philips LCD HD TV., I could imagine that the Avatar must capture many people curiosity on why the Picture quality can be this GOOD!? And Yet my Philips is burning CCFL as backlight!

In the past FPD, FHD, LED and 120HZ, 200 Hz have all seen growth through marketing and sales strategy, 3D is now a few step ways from your door jumping into your living room.

This year, Korean Giant Samsung and other Global TV makers LG, Sony and Panasonic are expected to show their aggressiveness for Launch of 3D TV as a response to the applauding TV participants. Numerous 3D TV models with number more than 40 are being planned to launch in this year 2010.

Up to this moment, 3D TV is mainly applied in High-priced premium models utilizing LEDs and 240 Hz.

So what is your next home electronics Appliance purchase? I guess that should be a full LED backlit unit LED TV…it works perfectly with the Blue Rays… Even an analogue guy like I that usually goes late with these electronics toys. I had to say, that item might be a Must item in the list you purchase in the year.

Make a wise choice for the best you like in the market.

attached the sales target for 3D Tv in 2010, from Display bank data.


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