Thursday, May 6, 2010

LCD TV (LED) Back Lit unit design changes 2009-2012

Since Samsung had made a great success to create a hit in the new LCD TV using LED as the backlight in March 2009, the market accepted the Back light using LED for the LCD TV, by the LG had come up closely with similar design.
The very first LED TV used a lot of LEDs, there are three major type of Back light unit for LCD TV.Namely RGB direct LED back light, which has the best performance as it is true local dimming design, typical Hi end Product like Song , Samsung 9 series and Sharp.

The White LED direct back light, less colourful but true second order local dimming,
Samsung 8 series and LG top series TV are made with this design. Take for an Example LG top series LCD TV using up 24 pieces of 5252 LEDs in one section, they separate the whole 40” TV into 140 sections, so the Whole 40” TV has to be inserted with 3,360 Leeds (24x140). That will incur a very high cost in the Back Light modules.
The lower end model will use side lit unit,
Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, JVC, Toshiba, Hisense, Haier…etc…
These use up 6 LED bars x 4 sides, they may use up 400 LEDs on LG LCD TV.

We know that the Chip supply is very tight since the Q4 of 2009, until Q1 2010, it seems do not improve much on the number of LEDs.. Gradually they reduce the LED bar to one on each side in 2010, and moreover they plan to further reduce to one bar on one side of the TV, thus to reduce the number of the LED in a TV.
This is an effective cost reduction programme, and at the same time reduces the pressure for the up stream food chain of LED supply.
Performance wise, as I always said that will be less as good as the older version.

This is the natural product phenomenon of any electronics Industry, the first generation is usually be topped up with the best technology and the best components, once the market is developed, the supplier would consider to cut dwon the material cost by using other technology or less component thus to drive down the cost . Thus the products will be more affordable and the market will be further expanded because of wider adoption rate.

Side Effect
May need higher intensity LED.

Heat management has to be improved as they are being squeezed into one LED bar on one side of the LCD TV.

The Cost down is significant LED BLU at $229 in 2009 will be lowered to $126 in 2010 43% cost down for 40” LCD TV’ according to Display Bank studies.

The continuous market for LCD TV s not just LED BLU, but with 3D as the new sales gadget. Recently, LG has launched the largest 3D TV 62” with full LED blu. Market size of LED LCD TV in 2010 to be 32M units that grow 9 times Y/Y and this correspond to 19% of the total LCD TV market size.


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