Sunday, July 11, 2010

Audi A8 is using Osram Ostar LED for their head lamps and DRL

This is an Audi  R8 using Lumileds HB LED for their Hi and Lo beam Head lamps. taken on 9 July at Tsue Mun Sea food market.

 The A8 is built with Osram LED for Hi Lo Beam and DRL

Since Lumileds launched for the first time for their High Power LEDs on Audi Top of the line R8 in 2007, and Koito Head lamp using Toyoda Kosei LED on Lexus LS600Ih low beam Head lamp... Over the years they have been lighting up thousand miles of road by these two players in a lead LED application market.
However the revenue created was not too much as all, as Audi initially announced that they produced only 20 R8 cars a day using the best of Audi Technicians and Toyoda may not produce so many as on their top of the series Lexus LX600ih hybrid luxury sedan.
Now Osram is really entering into the major market of A8 as the luxury category. That is a good sign for such a move as Osram is the world 2nd and Europe largest package LED manufacturer, their power on manufacturing is yet to be seen. Osram is famous for their penetration of their LED into the Automobile industry, BMW, Mercedes Benz Audi, Volkswagen are using more r less LED from Osram.

Naturally they understand the importance of LED reliability for Automobile stringent product requirement.
Ostar LED family provides some of his hi-performance LED for head lamp of Audi A8, each unit of LED produces 160 lm at a current of 700 ma and say five of these unit will produce 800 lumens. Osram’s OSTAR headlamp is available as a new product platform with up to five LED chips, each with typical light values of 160lm at 700mA. Together, depending on the variant and operating current, 125–1100lm is achievable. With its scalable brightness, the OSTAR headlamp suits all headlamp functions such as low and high beams, cornering lights, fog-lamps and even daytime running lights, says Osram.

LED has an advantage over HID lamp as for their effective life time is much longer, they can be switched on and functions at highest lighting intensity within in 2 milli seconds which is critical for High speed at night. Their profile is thinner and easy for the car design, could be a kind of face lifting for the car. Power saving, an essential element for EV car.


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