Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wei Feng, The China No. 1 LED City

According to Latest Shan Dong news on the latest Wei Feng High Tech LED general illumination project was approved by China as the special National Grade Semi Conductor illumination as the First City. After Wei Feng City has been granted the Ten City Ten Thousand Lamp Project “十城万盏” last year. Which is the Only City was granted this approval in the Whole Shan Dong province.

Wei Feng has been support by these major LED players such as AOD (Advanced Optronic Devices China Co. Ltd 中微光电子, Inspur Huaguang Optoelectronics Co浪潮华光, Geortek 歌尔光电…Specially AOD who had spent effort in building those Street Lamp for Wei Feng City.

Wei Feng City has install 30,000 Street Lamps and will be attaining 100,000 Lamps in 2011 this ensure Wei Feng City will be the Hottest City For LED in China under the Ten City Ten Thousand Lamp Project “十城万盏”

Wei Feng City is one of the four fundamental programme in Shan Dong Province. And Shan Dong has a target to make Wei Feng to be the China LED City by supporting these Players such as Inspur HuaGuang and other LED manufacturers by incentives and numerous subsidization in land and power resources. And Government would like to further supporting from them and make Government is the largest buyer for the LED Street Lamps. Moreover other Cities are also spending millions for inverting for building LED factory using the best in the LED equipment in the industry for their LED manufacturing. I have seen one whole new factory in the South part of Shan Xiang that they have 400 acres of land with total investment of over 1 Billion of RMB in the factory, We soon will see their first LED street lamp and Back light unit will be rolled off from the production line in End of August.

Haier, a China giant of Air Con, Refrigerators and domestic Electronics appliance colossus in China is building their LED manufacturing line in Dong Ying City and that will soon be one of the major LED supplier in the Shan Dong area. Their initial product is the LED back light unit for Haier LCD TVs.
These are the recent city outlooks whilst I was there last week.
I am looking forward to see ing Wei Feng City to be the largest China LED City in 2011.


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