Sunday, July 11, 2010

LED for Volkswagen L1 EV Car.

Thomas Reiners, director of Application Technology for special lighting at Osram said, “Compact and efficient LED sources will be mandatory for low energy consumption especially the environmental friendly electric vehicles in the future in order to achieve the car industry’s CO2 objectives. A dipped beam headlight with these light sources will use less than 15 watts and therefore save 40 watts of power input per vehicle side compared with a halogen solution.”
With a power input of 19 watts per dipped beam, the one-liter car’s lighting is far more energy efficient today than conventional headlight solutions, in which mostly halogen lamps with 55 watts are used. Even Xenon lamps at 35 watts of input use 20 percent more energy on dipped lights (95 percent of nighttime driving) than two Joule JFL2 LED modules.
“Energy efficiency and ease of integration were good reasons to rely on LED solutions for headlights on our one-liter car. This technology is just as forward-looking as our vehicle,” said Henning Kiel, lighting engineer at Volkswagen. Replaceable LED light sources represent a genuine alternative to the lamps already available in the car industry.
Oct 27, 2009 Osram’s LED technology will contribute to the energy efficiency of Volkswagen’s L1 concept car, which according to Volkswagen can go into production in 2013, has headlights that are equipped with new Osram Joule JFL2 LED systems and matching reflectors. The LED modules take care of the dipped and main beam functions and consume far less energy than conventional headlamps. Joule JFL2 LED modules will be introduced in production in early 2010 and can then be included in new vehicle models easily and across multiple platforms.

US or European technology for LED is still leading the market aas in the niche market of Automobile, however, once the stringent automobile quality requirement has been qualified, and people has been seeing this kind of head Lamp running on the road for a few years, more and more cars are keen on using LED as their lighting solutions. Instead of acting as a sales gadget for top of the line model. more volume production model will be using LED the LED head lamp business will grow gradually. As who will be paying such a large amount of money to buy a car not using LED on your, LS430, 3.5TL, 750Li, Q7 3.6 Quattro, Bentley Continental, Porsche Panamerica, or a Cayenne Turbo?


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