Sunday, April 5, 2009

Canon's Oterprise Square Skyscraper in HK

Mar 09, 2007 - The Canon Corporation occupy a prominent Kowloon skyscraper called Oterprise Square and have just installed the very latest Laservision LED technology so the building can participate in Hong Kong's Symphony of Light Show.

Artificial light accounts for almost one-fifth of the world's electricity consumption. This is substantially more than the output of all the nuclear power stations in the world. Within 25 years, the global demand for artificial light is projected to be almost twice today’s level as the developing world moves towards western living standards.

A shift in global climate trends and an international focus on sustainable energy has seen high rise buildings around the world favouring energy efficient lighting design as a means of retrofitting structures for modern times.

Lighting practices employed by the industry in the early 2000’s are already well outdated due to constant technological advancement. Being at the forefront of the architectural lighting industry, Laservision is forging a new evolution of efficient lighting design to cater for this dynamically evolving market.

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