Sunday, April 5, 2009

Solar LED

Solar - LED street lighting is able to achieve excellent lighting performance with a long lifespan even in a variety of challenging environments. The latest HB LED from OSRAM and cutting edge thermal management from SoftRay are key elements in this achievement. OSRAM's GOLDEN DRAGON LEDs have effectively optimized the average illuminance and uniformity.

With thermal management expertise and industrial design know-how, SoftRay has incorporated the latest heatsink technology into the luminaire, which offers not only powerful thermal management performance but an attractive, modern appearance and the ability to withstand strong winds and snow loads.A high conversion-efficiency controller designed by STMicroeletronics is responsible for the solar module charging management and driving the LED.

The controller stores the energy gathered by solar module during the daytime. A dedicated MPPT algorithm, which is real-time operated by the controller, ensures that the battery is always charged in the most effective way.

At night, smart ambient light sensing technology triggers the driver and the LED street light is switched on. Also fitted with full electrical protection, the controller delivers a high degree of reliability for the entire system, which can be further upgraded/enhanced to a street light monitoring and remote control system.

The clean nature of solar energy as well as the high efficiency and long lifecycle of the LEDs mean that the Solar - LED street light system achieves remarkable savings in electricity compared to conventional street lighting (e.g. mercury vapor lamps). It therefore significantly reduces greenhouse gas CO2 emissions.

Solar LED has the following advantages:
Energy Saving
Long Life span 50,000 hours ( 20 years say if we run for 8 hours at night)
Programmable lighting will intellgient control system
Good Industrial design

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