Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I go Green LED Lighting at Home!

I have been searching the whole Ap Liu Street, and shops nearby West Kowloon Centre, finally I found one shop "Cosmos Telecom" at G/F 169 Ap Liu Street. They have all kinds of LED that I am looking for, and they are not the same stuff as the street store and you may not find them tomorrow.

The Shop keeper, likely the shop owner, he told me they make their own LED light bulb using Luxeon, K2 LEDs!

Well, I said "show me!" He showed me reels of K2 LED, packs of Cree XRE, Packs of Seoul Opto LED. Seems that they are keen on the quality using the real good stuff!

I bought two K2 X3 3W LED bulbs, now I am testing at home. If that is OK , I may replace all in my house. Price is HKD136.00 each. They also have Philips MasterLed but it is not the same connector as we used to use in HK. So I had to give up!

This is the first step to LED illumination at home!

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