Sunday, April 5, 2009

CCFL lighting tube for Hopewell Centre

In September 2004, Laservision's Simon McCartney contacted Peter Kemp, MD at Coemar De Sisti Australia, to discuss a conceptual lighting proposal for the Hopewell Centre in Hong Kong.

Simon's interest was sparked after seeing a linear LED tube which CDA had been developing in association with an Asian manufacturer. In line with the unique designs for which Laservision are renowned, Simon needed the LED to be more interactive than simply providing illumination, taking advantage of the individual addressability of the LED modules and the advanced control features being built into the product.

This, he reasoned quite correctly, would allow the system to feature text and graphics as well as providing enhanced illumination for the building. As part of the overall concept, Laservision also wished to include high powered YAG laser facilities into the overall design theme.

I have been there to watch, seemed that they are not LED, but CCFL! I have to further verify it.

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