Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BEA, the World's largest Door Sensor Manufacturing Company

BEA is a Belgian company founded in 1965 that is active worldwide in the sector of people and vehicle detection. BEA headquarters is located near Liege in Belgium and develops, manufactures and sells products in whole Europe. They have approx. 200 staff with manufacturing centre in Beijing and Belgium.

The technologies we are using are Doppler effect (radar), active and passive infrared and loop induction. These technologies enable the to propose movement and presence sensors for various types of applications.

BEA, recognized for pioneering and international fame, is considered the leader of the market for the detection of automatic doors with market share of more than 40%. The Sensor may consist of more than 16 IR chips and sensor chip array for motion detection. The chips have to be placed at a finely packed pre-determined position. The World No.1 Door sensor company using all ASM LED die bonder and Aluminum wire bonder for the interconnect for their sensor chips. This ensures the door sensor is made with the best equipment from the market for best quality at a reasonably low cost.


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