Saturday, October 2, 2010

ASM MS100, the Fastest LED Map Sorter in the World

AS we know the LED market is hot and there seem had a slight slow down since End August and I believe this is some kind of Production and Product Adjustment as some excessive stock has been made.

We can see that there are more than 250 MOCVDs to be installed in China in the coming 9 months. So as a consequent, there is a need for a super High speed Map sorter to support this up stream LED sorting market.

The Clean room is going to be more expensive with land space is limited for expansion for some LED manufacturer.
Hence, A Compact, Hi Speed LED Map Sorter is needed…

MS100 is a high speed map sorter with Cycle time of 120ms (net UPH of 30K) that could beat the fastest Map sorter in the market. Currently the fastest Cycle time for map sorting a LED is approx. 175ms. That is what ASM MS899LDA and MS819DLA can achieve. MS100 is new generation map sorter machine  with a Cycle time of 125 ms... That is another 30% gain in Speed and UPH (Unit Per hour).
This Map sorter is using the latest Motion technology which delivers a direct couple Bond head with dual Arm pick and place process. That is to say whilst the Bond head is picking a die from the wafer, the bond arm is placing a die previously been picked up on the binning Mylar. Thus to ensure that the speed is 2 times faster than the previous in theory. But practically there is a lot f processes can not be elimintaed, so the Cycle Time would be 125 ms only. Some smart software has been embedded to ensure the right accurate search for Reference dies and good placement accuracy.
The average placement accuracy is about +/-1 mil and die rotation is within 1 degree range…

Another advantage is that the Vespal Hi Temp collet will enjoy a very long life time… That is a 2 times longer than all the market players. Don't forget that each time you change the collet, the machine has to be idle and 5 minute collet changing time that actually took away your 2,500 dies output. As an average the collet life can have 600K times. This is because the bond head impact force is low, and the Bond head design has been optimized with such a good low impact force on the collet, and on the die surface, thus the die is being protected from the “Micro Crack” problem which is the headache for down stream quality issues. That can not only kill the yield, and also the order as no Automaker would accept this kind of quality defects.
 In short, this MS100 LED Map Sorter is fast at 125ms Cycle time for 10mmx10mil LED chips, compact. That saves your clean room cost. Fully automatic with wafer Cassette input and output, 100 bin graded available... Hi MTBA for more than 2 hours.
Ultra Low TCO (total Cost of ownership) as there is no troublesome ball screws which is prone to contaminate your expensive blue chip when their lubrication grease will be evaporated into your clean room and your chip at the end of the days!

High Collet life time which save money for you Every Day and Every Shifts.

Make a Wise choice when you are going to consider the Map sorter Purchase.


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