Sunday, October 24, 2010

Russia LED Business 2010-2020

In 2010, when many patents in the LED industry would expire. Chinese companies are expected to break through the shackles of the intellectual property rights from American, European, and Japanese giants. With the China Local government subsidize at least 50% of the cost, or US$1.5 million on average for each purchase of a MOCVD. And numerous Land space and electricity incentive support to the major LED makers. That will be a spring board for providing extra vibrant for China LED manufacturers to pursue it to be the World No. 1 LED manufacturing Centre in the coming three years.

Russia, on the other hand is not new for LED, they have been involving the LED research and development in the 60s, and they had an early successful light up of a Blue LED chip 10 years before Shuji Nakamura did it in 1993... Of course the life span and the light intensity is not able to comparing Shuji’s LED!! The Country is rich resources with oil and gas and in fact they electricity is not as expensive as Germany USA or Japan. Currently 1000KV/Hr of Electricity is rated for 3.5 Robles. (USD$0.166). However they have concern for the environment as they know that the mercury is coming with CFLs. The Russian Ministry of Economy Development has recently announced that starting from 2011 they would start to ban the sales for Incandescent light bulb, and to prohibit the sales of 75W or more incandescent light bulbs in 2011. Till 2014, no one can be allowed to sell Incandescent light bulb anymore.

The CFL production capacity is inadequate and price is high, Russia is now trying to build CFL factories with minimum annual shipment of 200M pieces. The sales of CFL is about 50M pieces almost relying on import. That the price is approx 140-300 Robles (USD$4.60 to USD$10.00) which is almost 2 to 5 times more expensive than those we can get in USA. On the other hand, we can see that there are thousands of building was over 100 years old in Moscow, the ceiling is high and that is expensive to change the light bulb when the fails. LED is the suggestion for replacing the Incandescent lamp.

Local Cities are moving forward progressively, Moscow, being a model itself to push forward for going for green product, starting 1st of Oct 2010, Moscow will not purchase incandescent light bulbs nor any other uncompromising illumination device meeting their energy saving requirement.

Starting 2007 June Moscow government advised to go for green programme to the enterprises, offering a generous 50% incentive support to that enterprise that can reduce emission. Up to now, there are many companies who has granted with the subsidizing programme. Now a lot of LED companies is being supported by Russian Government for LED manufacturing. And the trend for Russia is to Move from Incandescent directly into LED, skipping the CFL…

The LED would be a big energy saving programme in both China and Russia in the coming 10 years. Partly as they are being driven for adoption and being supported by the government.
Again, Russia and China, as the Supper Power will demonstrate that they have the capability to manufacture Super Bright LEDs to supply for their need and the export to other countries. Let's watch out!
Attached the former USSR Technlogy centre , R & D centre for LED Epitaxy studies

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