Sunday, October 3, 2010

Samsung Nano TV using Field Emission Display FED

Samsung will apply Carbon Nano tube CNT on the Field Emission Display FED as Nano TV light source. Now it is undr prototype building stage.
According to South korea Electronics news, Samsung Electroncs will use so call Carbon Nanotube (CNT) as the light source for the so called Nano TV in 2012. The Nano TV can greatly improve the Contrast. The Power consumption is even lower than the LED Backlight unit TV.

FED’s theory is in fact the cathode ray discharges although the back plate. That would emit electronics that bombard the Phosphor to emit light on the Tube. Samsung has set up a Smart Backlight group with 500 staff whilst Cannon and Toshiba has left this technology due to high cost for manufacturing.
Samsung thinks that FED manufacturing can be done by using 60% of PDP process, with lower cost of improved manufacturing. Lighting intensity is better than CCFL and LED. Luminous intensity can reach 15,000 cd/m2 which is 50% better than LED. And local dimming is made possible. Life time is same as CCFL of 30,000 hours. They are improving their thickness now. Samsung VD (Video Division) will determine how fast the Nano would be commercialized. Let’s watch out.
We believe that we could see the commercial Nano TV by earliest end 2012 and to see the new FED as on your next TV.


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