Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ASM MS899DL Map sorting LED machine

The LED wafer has to be tested by wafer prober machine at wafer level, that was tested by probing onto the LED e-poles and the light intensity and lambda are measured. This measured data together with the known X-Y coordinator was record sequentially into a map file. This wafer will be sawn either by Blade sawing machine or laser cut and then break by rolling with special non-electrostatic roller.

Then the LEDs will be passed onto a Map sorter machine to perform the map sorting
There is roughly 30K LED chip of 7milx7mil on a 4” sawn and wafer.

ASM Map sorter MS899DL had been the earliest developed machine platform with enormous experience and process know how on handling the alignment of the chip on the Wafer.

As we can see that if there is a die being sorted wrongly, the rest of the dies will not be correctly been binned. That is a huge losson the LED and that could write off a few thousand dollars.
MS899DL is the latest 3rd generation platform with high speed sorting time of 220 ms for 9mil x9 mil LED Chip.

There is a total 100 bin grades on film frame stored up in form of cassettes. All the operation will be done automatically. An option of AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) system on the wafer inspection to screen out all those bad cut dies, contaminated or chipped die which was not found at the original panel form.
A auto bar code scanner to read the bar code for auto retrieve of the maps from intranet is the standard operation.

There are certain similar map sorting machines in the market but due to lacking or process experience and support from a mature core technology of vision, motion and linear motion control Technology. There is no way to be qualified by larger LED supplier in the world due to weak software integrity, higher down time and not able to meet a good placement accuracy of +/-1.25 mil at CpK 1.33.

Supported by a team of professional service and process engineering team, ASM can be your only choice for your next buy of Map sorter.
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